We have spacious conference rooms available for experts to give
lectures and workshops. We will be offering all sorts of Mind Body Spirit courses in due course and are happy to hear from teachers wishing to become part of our team. Our aim is to be the undisputable centre for Mind Body & Spirit in the city, offering our students everything they want when they want it.

Price: £100 for a weekend course or £25 for each of the 5 evening classes that run for 2hrs each.

Uniquely innovative for our times, the centuries old art of face reading is an amazing tool with which to bring your own intuitive sense of yourself and the people around you to a conscious level – to get the REAL picture of yourself, your family, friends, children, colleagues and clients. It is a fun and insightful tool you can use to focus on talents and potential while reaffirming individual uniqueness. You will discover what personality characteristics each facial trait represents as you learn to read your own face during this interactive workshop.

This workshop will be led by TERESA L. DANE, a practising physiognomist (face reader) of 12 years. An experienced workshop leader, she is also a counsellor trained in Integrative Psychosynthesis. Specialising in the nuances of human communication, her background includes an MA in media and communications, a BA in languages and extensive knowledge of body language and cross-cultural issues. She has been a guest on GMTV, BBC Radio, Town FM – to name a few – and has been featured in Family Circle Magazine, as well as various local and national newspapers. Places are limited so book now!

Teresa is moving back to the USA this summer and so this will be her last workshop in London. The focus of this particular course is:
Workshop participants will learn to apply the techniques of Face Reading as they gain insight into their own inner workings while at the same time learning how to better understand and relate to their ‘significant others' in a congruent and meaningful manner. This series would be attractive to couples, as well as singles looking for relationships, or desiring insight on past relationships and patterns arising over and over again.