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Yoga4Health is a non-profit organization that seeks to educate people on preventive exercises for healing common ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, pms, lower back pain and more. These exercises are derived from a fusion of yoga and tibetan buddhism and are easy enough for anyone to do, no yoga experience necessary.

ABC-of-yoga.com: The Complete Yoga Information

One Yoga Site with: Yoga Information, Yoga Exercise, Yoga Breathing (Pranayama), Meditation, Yoga Beginner Guide, Yoga Breathing (Pranayama), Yoga Diet and Health, Beginner and Advanced Techniques. All you need to Start Practising Yoga.


Jyotish - The Vedic Astrology of Lanka India Nepal and Tibet

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The Alternative Guide - The Alternative Guide to
Complementary Health and Healing in London and the South of England

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the-Insight.com - a web thesaurus and lexicon listing templetonhouse.co.uk under Yoga, Massage and Tai Chi

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