We have a permanent Pilates instructor at the studio. It is very popular choice among our students. We offer Pilate’s at all levels, contact us for course dates.

Pilates is designed to give the ultimate exercise to gain a toned body that is aligned and strong. Pilates can be suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is not too strenuous on the body, but with practice can give great health results. Pilates is known to help alignment, breathing, centering, concentration, coordination, flowing movements, relaxation and stamina. Pilates teaches the body to move fluidly while maintaining a strong core, and also re-educates breathing patterns.

In Templeton House, we have a dedicated Pilates Studio with specialist machines for fast and thorough results. One can recieve one-to-one attention from a hugely respected name in the Pilates world. We also offer group Pilates mat work classes in our main Studio.